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The Garage Brewery

About us

In 2018, The Garage Brewery rolled onto the scene, revving up a space where construction worker vibes meet car enthusiast dreams. Here, dog lovers find a haven on our dog-friendly turf, and our outdoor patio beckons under the sun or stars. With a mission to be more than just a brewery—we're a gathering hub for both regulars and wanderers. Crafted with care and a dash of grease-monkey spirit, our beers have become a fixture for those in search of an authentic craft experience. We don't just pour beer; we pour community.

In the gear-shift of 2022, the torch passed from Ulyana Windgard to Rhett Rebold, the head brewer and mastermind behind Vibrant Shore Brewing Company in Virginia Beach. With a rotating lineup of food trucks that make our spot not just a brewery but a culinary pit stop. Our commitment to community drives us to partner with organizations close to our hearts, from supporting fluffy friends in need to championing the cause of social justice.

At The Garage Brewery, we're not just about beer; we're about bringing people together. Each sip is a nod to camaraderie, and every pour is a contribution to the vibrant tapestry of our community. Join us in the pursuit of hoppy happiness and flavorful friendships, because here, beer isn't just a drink—it's a journey shared.

Our Head Brewer, Will, has been with the Garage since its inception in 2019! His love of problem-solving, exploration, and creativity inspired his move from music education to the diverse industry of craft beer. Striving to create accurate to-style brews while innovating on a constant stream of beer varieties, he has won multiple awards and is always working hard to give you an interesting and refreshing beer while you're inside the taproom. You will likely see him being goofy and chatting in the taproom during opening hours after brew days. Feel free to say hello!

Rhett's journey in craft brewing started with a love for home brewing while attending VCU in Richmond, Virginia. He honed his skills and won the prestigious title of Home Brewer of the Year in 1995 while working at the CIA. Rhett's dream of owning a craft brewery became a reality in 2019 when he opened Vibrant Shore Brewing Company in Virginia Beach's ViBe Creative District. The Garage Brewery has always shared the same values and community focus as Vibrant Shore, and when Rhett learned of its availability, he knew it was the perfect fit.